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Welcome To GY Foods Canada LTD

Our Food

Natural, delicious food that tastes like home

We are a new founded, fully licenced local (Burnaby) food processing factory. We mainly produce ready-to-eat foods.Such as Pot-Stewed Series. At the same time, we also produce raw Korean barbeque series and raw sauced meat series. We provide our products without any preservatives and chemical additives that meet the requirements of a healthy diet.

Chinese Pot-Stewed Series

Pot-Stewed Beef Digital Muscle
pork feet_edited.png
Pot-Stewed Pork Trotters
pork hock_edited.png
Pot-Stewed Boneless Pork Hocks
chicken feet_edited.png
Pot-Stewed Chicken Feet
Spicy Duck Neck
Pork Jelly_edited_edited.png
Pork Rind Jelly
Pork Ears_edited.png
Pot-Stewed Pork Ears
Pot-Stewed Chicken Drumsticks
Pot-Stewed Pork Liver
Spicy Duck Feet

Asian Style Pickled Vegetable

Sweet And Sour Daikon
Taiwanese Style Pickled Cabbage
Coming Soon
Pickled Onion

Where To Buy

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截屏2024-05-23 19.23.46.png

Quality Ingredients

All Meats From Local Suppliers.

Healthy Meals

Natural Ingredients.

No Preservatives,

No Chemical Additives.

Food On the Go

Our Ready-To-Eat Foods Are Easy To Carry

Certified Products

Our Foods Are All Made In Canada And Qualified By The Canadian Government Certification Agencies

What's Cooking

Professional Teams

We have a professional team of chefs, with unique recipes for each food. In terms of Chinese food, we have hired chefs from China with 20 years of experience to bring you a pure Chinese taste. For Korean food, our Korean partners provided us with traditional recipes and production techniques. So that people can taste the real Korean barbecue.


Cold Chain Shipping

In order to ensure the quality of the products, we have a professional delivery team. Safety, punctuality and efficiency are the tenet of the delivery team. All transportation vehicles are equipped with refrigeration equipment to keep the goods at 0℃-2℃  during transportation. 


Authentic Chinese And Korean Seasonings

We use Chinese, Korean seasoning and sauces to produce original foods tastes. Our Asian suppliers provide us the top seasoning from the best origin places. So that our customers can experience pure Asian delicacy at home.


Hygiene Is Our Top Priority

Hygiene is the most important thing for us. All our employees must complete food safety training before they can engage in food processing work. A clean operating environment ensures that every product meets Canadian health standards.

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